I am continuing to be constantly amazed and God’s leading in my life.

Each day I’m learning more and more about God and how to follow him. If you told me back then that all this change would be the result of God taking me through the hardest, emotional, trial, I probably wouldn’t believe you. I’d tell you, I’m good, my walk with God is good. But oh how much I didn’t know. I feel like my faith has been set ablaze. God is speaking things to me and I’m feeling his presence in ways I never imagined possible. It took this hard path, and a radical choice to obey, to be the spark that my faith needed to grow. Trials truly are sweet times to trust in God and grow in your faith. I can say from experience that God is truly is so near to those who are broken hearted.

The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.

Psalm 34:18

It took a broken heart for me to truly realize my deep desire to write. I began writing on this blog as a way to process and now I can’t stop writing. My head is constantly full of ideas and things I want to write about. I want to encourage others to read their Bible and seek after God during the storms of life. I want to share with the world that healing is always a part of God beautiful plan and that it’s coming for them. When the timing is right, I want to share my story, but I’m not ready to share all of it just yet because I know God’s still working. When the time is right I know that God will show me when the time is right. But right now I just want to write and write and write…but I also don’t know where to start when it comes to getting your writing out there into the world. Getting your writing out into the world has always scared me and confused me.

Over the past few months I have been doing a lot of searching for answers and determining the best route I to take. I have been beginning to feel strongly now that God is the one giving me this desire to share through writing and I know that he will make it clear which way to take. I have always had a passion for blog writing so I created a new blog to share my writing on. I have also been exploring the world of digital creating and digital lettering (soon after my break up I bought myself an ipad. I’ve always wanted to learn digital art and learning a new form art was a soothing way for my healing heart to stay busy). I have been sharing quite a bit of my digital art on this new blog.

If you have enjoyed following my story on this blog, don’t worry. Even though I created a new blog, this blog will still stay because I need it to write down parts of my story that I really don’t want to be super public about. I often refer to this blog as my personal blog and I think of it kinda like a diary. But my new blog is going to be focused on encouraging christians in their walk and I will be more active in advertising it. I plan on writing post’s that offer practical advice and encouragement for growing in your faith and walking through trials.

My new blog is called – More of Thee Co. I came up with this name because as I was seeking God through my hard times I kept finding in my heart a growing desire for more of Him. It is my prayer that More of Thee Co. will be a place to help and encourage others discover the same; a desire for more of God. I also have the desire to create resources and devotionals to sell on this site that are meant to help christians in their walk. A lot of the products I’m working on are still just ideas but I’ve been working hard to take steps towards making these ideas happen.

Also, I have created a new Instagram account to accompany my new blog. If you are on instagram, my instagram account is @more.of.thee.co I have been very active on this account and I try to post something each day.

To be honest with you all, I really don’t know where this new endeavor of mine is going, but my goal is to share God’s truth with this world and with that as my goal it’s impossible to fail. I think it’s crazy to think that if God didn’t bring me through this hard trial none of this would have happened. All this growth and closeness to God, this new level of faith, and this new found calling to write all came about because of the storm God took me through. I’m confident that God is going to keep on leading me and it’s a really exciting place to be right now!

(If you guys get a chance it would make my day if you check out my new blog! Here’s the link – https://moreoftheeco.com/ )

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