Oh how good and wonderful our God is! I just want to thank and praise him all day long!

You may be wondering why I’m so full of joy and praise for God, and I’ll tell you why! As I sit here in a coffee shop, and write this, I keep looking down at my hands. There is a beautiful shiny ring on my finger. This ring is a reminder of how good God is. It is a reminder of how God has been at work in my life through each and every season I walked through. And how God has orchestrated every detail and season to lead me to this moment.

My sweet guy, got down on his knee and asked me to marry him! In that moment, he made me the happiest girl ever! I can’t explain to you the joy and excitement that filled my soul in that moment. Not to mention the shock and surprise too because, he sure did surprise me. A rush of emotions came and I can barely remember saying yes, but of course I said yes. Tears were in my eyes as I stared into the eyes of the guy that God has brought into my life. The guy that I know now, without a doubt, is the guy God has for me.

If you had told me a year ago that I’d be engaged, I wouldn’t believe you. I was still in a season of singleness and waiting. I remember crying out to God and feeling like my dreams were forgotten by Him. Little did I know, he was already at work in creating my love story. And it’s a story that I wouldn’t change a single detail of.

I’m here today, writing about this for a few reasons. One, I want to document this moment and share this exciting update in my life. And secondly, I want to simply share how good and perfect God’s timing is.

I can’t say it enough, when God brought this guy into my life, the timing could not have been more perfect. God knew that I needed time to let my heart heal. And even though the season of singleness was hard, it was in those days that I truly found rest and contentedness in God. I surrendered my plans to God many times. My times with God were so so sweet during that season and the closeness I had with Him are days I wouldn’t trade for anything.

When God brought me out of my season of singleness, and into a relationship, it was all God. I literally was not looking for it when God brought this guy into my life. And now, looking back, I can see that the time and way things happened was perfect not just for me but for him. God’s timing in our story was perfect and it makes my heart so happy knowing that all this time my heavenly father heard all of my prayers and had such a beautiful story planned for me.

So dear person reading this, whatever season you’re in. Single, in a relationsihop, or maybe engaged (like me now). I just want to remind you that God is good and He sees you. He is in the timing of your story. God knows the right time for everything in your life and He can be trusted.

Our God is so good and his timing is always oh so perfect! He’s working in your story, just like he’s been working in mine.

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